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A Whole-Person Education


Our goal at CLA is to provide each student with a whole-person education. But what do we mean by this? We do not have much material on the childhood of Jesus, but what we do have—in my judgement—is very instructive. Luke 2:41-52 records Jesus in the temple as a boy. Mary and Joseph travel yearly…

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Training Students


Former Super Bowl Champion coach, Tony Dungy, is widely respected as a leader with a strong moral compass. Dungy is quick to say that much of training about life and leadership, he learned from his parents. And he also quick to illustrate this with a story about this training. When he was young, Tony’s father…

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I saw it first in church history class. Dr. Jason Lee embodied something fresh and exciting. He was a man who felt called to his work, and this sense of calling showed in how he performed his work. Both he and his class profoundly impacted me during my first semester of grad school. I noticed…

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Seeing Clearly

Seeing Clearly-motivation

If Jesus is indeed Lord, then everything falls under his Lordship. This radically changes the goal and the motivation for education. If Jesus is Lord, then math is not just the teaching of how numbers work. Instead, it is the investigation of how Christ holds the world together with a sense of order and predictability,…

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The Heart of a Lion is the Heart of a Champion

Last night I watched the CLA Lions High School basketball season come to an end. It was a moment filled with conflicting emotions. There is something to the well-worn phrase “the agony of defeat.” No one likes to lose especially, in a tournament. Additionally, there was some sadness as well. This team will never be…

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The Purpose of Education: Worship Then Service

What is the purpose of education? The purpose of education is the same as our overall purpose for life—to display the glory of God. God does all that he does in order to uphold and display his glory. Believers accomplish this purpose by being Great Commandment people. God does all that he does to uphold…

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In Case You Need a Reminder

A few weeks ago I re-read part of Liberating Ministry for the Success Syndrome by Kent and Barbra Hughes. I found the following story encouraging. I hope you will too. It was Christmas Eve 1875 and Ira Sankey was traveling on a Delaware River steamboat when he was recognized by some of the passengers. His…

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Continuous Improvement: Our Commitment to You

Commitment to Improvement

A few years ago, I was working at my home office on a snow day. The white blanket of snow created a breathtaking view of my neighborhood. Soon, however, that view was interrupted by a neighbor. No one had tried to drive up the steep incline that goes through the middle of our neighborhood. Most…

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