Offering Big Prayers to a Big God

The Lord has convicted me recently of offering timid prayers. I found the following paragraph very convicting. It was written by a lady name Margret Feinberg in a book called Fight Back with Joy. In it she chronicles her battle with cancer and the lessons she learned. As she neared the end of her chemotherapy treatment, she began to pray, and to ask other to pray, for zero. That is, she wanted zero cancer cells, zero side effects, zero sleepless nights, etc. As she offered these prayers, she began to feel the pressure of risky prayer and wrote this about her prayers:

Most of us discover early on that it’s safer to hide behind prayers that cannot be measured, petitions so nebulous they don’t require intervention from God. Asking my friends to pray for peace and courage was safe. Who knew whether God decided to grant the request except for me? Zero carried accountability. We were putting ourselves out there–before God and everyone. The only thing that felt risker than making the request was not making the request at all (140).

Brothers and sisters, let us offer risky prayers. Our God is a big God who can handle big requests that are offered in even small faith. God may or may not answer our prayers the way we desire, but he is greatly pleased when we are so convinced of his goodness that we are not afraid to ask. So, let us pray for rain and then carry an umbrella. In other words, let us obey Hebrews 4:16 and “with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may find grace to help in time of need.”