A Good Day at CLA

“Did you have a good day?” It’s a question my husband asks me every afternoon. My usual answer is a short “yes” before I ask about his day. Recently he asked, “Don’t you have bad days at CLA?” Initially, I was amused at his typical effort to make me laugh, but as I thought about that question seriously, this was my answer: “No, I don’t!” It seems ridiculous to believe that every day is a good one when we are all faced with challenges, but I would like to explain why there are no bad days at CLA.


Perhaps the most enjoyable part of my day is interacting with my students. They encourage me with their eagerness to learn academically, spiritually, and socially. I feel like no matter if my lesson pertains to an exciting chapter in a novel, identifying sentence types, or writing creatively, the students are engaged and give their best effort. Also, I am amazed at how they want to learn more about Jesus and have the maturity to discuss complex biblical passages with their peers and myself. Beyond that, I enjoy talking with them about their interests, likes, and dislikes as well as sharing information about myself with them. Their smiles light up my day, and I am blessed to be their teacher.


While I love working with my students in the classroom, another aspect of CLA that contributes to a good day is the quality colleagues I have. From my first day of getting our new building school ready in July to now, I have been refreshed by the staff’s attitude, character, and work ethic. They have embraced me as a part of a family and always have kind words and positive attitudes. Most importantly, they have joined me in prayer over our beautiful building and students. They exemplify what it means to be Christian educators.


These parts of my day are uplifting, but my true joy comes from my relationship with Jesus. How can any of us have a bad day when God is so good? I am so thankful for the blessings he has given me, and my hope is that I can be a light for my students, colleagues, and anyone else I encounter daily. In terms of my conversation with my husband, he has stopped asking me IF my day was good. He now asks me HOW it was good!