Jesus Loves The Little Children

Jesus loves children for good reason.  There is something about the innocence of a child that gives us hope.  There is something about the wide-eyed wonder of a child that makes us smile.  And there is something about the love of a child that affects us like no other.


My wife experienced this a few days ago.


She has pictures that students draw for her taped to her desk.  One student grew concerned that it had been “too long” since she gave Mrs. Arnold a picture.  It is a sweet looking picture featuring a little blonde-headed girl.  Immediately, it received a spot on the desk.


When she handed it to Kim, she asked, “Mrs. Arnold do you know who this is?”  “No,” Kim responded, “Who is this?”  With innocence, with wonder, and with an infectious smile she said, “This is a picture of me praying for you.  Now every time you see this picture, you will know that I am praying for you.”


Student leaves; tears flow.


It is a true joy to watch children grow in their faith.  That little girl will never know how much that picture means to us.  Only God in heaven knows how desperately we need those prayers.  Only time will tell what a blessing this child will be to the world.


So, today I am glad – glad to be a part of her life, and glad she is praying for our family.  It just doesn’t get much better than that.