We Win Or Lose In The Classroom

We have a new building in a great location, but we have the same great mission with the same basic belief; the belief that we win or lose in the classroom.


Yes, we can have more programs, and we will.  We have more freedom, and we thank God for it.  We can change in a thousand ways, but one thing we cannot change is the basic belief that the classroom is where the difference is made.


The classroom is where minds are formed.  For it is in the classroom where a gifted teacher teaches great things to a captive audience. 


Schools are constantly tempted to lessen their focus on the classroom.  Yet, as soon as they do, they drift for their mission.  So, we make this promise to you.  We will put the best teachers we possible can in the best positions to succeed so that the children can be the best of what we have to offer.


We will continue to grow, but we are determined to grow deep as we grow large.  We move forward in this new chapter with the same great commitment to the same great mission – a mission that succeeds or fails in the classroom, because we know we win or lose in the classroom.