A Christ-Honoring Solution To Real World Problems

In business school, I was taught to always try to negotiate toward a win/win solution.  But, I have found that true win/win solutions are precious and few.  And, when you find them, you remember them.


I believe that CLA’s Project Serve is one of those precious situations.  During this time, our students spend their time raising money to enhance our program and, most importantly, provide the necessary funds to for financial assistance for qualified families.  In other words, it is a real, tangible way to serve our friends and our school.


Additionally, this program gives us a chance to serve some vital ministries in our area.  Most non-profit ministries find themselves in need of two things – nickels and noses.  In other words, money is always tight and human resources are few.  So, when these ministries receive necessary manual labor at no cost, it really helps move the ministry forward.  And, through Project Serve, our students have a chance to be a Christ-honoring solution to real world problems.


In other words, we get a chance to be great for a day.  No, we will not be great by man definitions of greatness, but we will be great by the only definition that matters, the definition given by Jesus.  He is, after all, the one who said, “Whoever would be great among you must be your servant.”


Please pray for us as we seek kingdom greatness by serving our school and the wider community.


– Dr. Shane Arnold, Head Of School