Context Is As Important As Content

My anger seethed. This is, after all, a library I thought. I had so much to do. I had tests to
study for and papers to write. Evidently, the group of people next to me did not have anything
to do because their talking and laughing filled the room, the supposed to be quite room, with
irritating noise. Finally, in frustration, I had to leave.


This incident, and sadly others like it, taught me one great lesson; namely, context is often
just as important as content.


I had the right content in front of me. I had stacks and stacks of
books with the right content in from of me. But, without a context conducive to learning, I
could not absorb the content.


I think that same is true for children today. The context in which they learn is just as
important as content. That is why essential, but often lost virtues such as respect, order, and
discipline are so important for true education. Where there is not respect, order, and
discipline, there will be fear and confusion and little education.


That is why we at Christ’s Legacy Academy work just as hard at building a culture as we do
at building a curriculum. We know the learning environment matters, so we work provide an
orderly and safe environment to promote excellence in education.


–  Dr. Shane Arnold, Head of School