One Of These Days, I Will Look Back With No Regrets

I was young, selfish, and wanted to spend time with my mom.  After all, that is how we spent most summers.

My mom was fortunate enough to work a job where she had summers off, so we always had plenty of time together.  But, this summer was different.

My grandfather was sick, but he was always sick.  It was the normal rhythm of his life.  He would blubber on about how he was sick and about how he was going to die.  Hence, he needed mom to come sit by his side.  The next day he would be fine.  But, as sure as the sunrise, he would be near death again, and would need my mom.

Over the years, I had grown to resent it, but I did get used to it, and thus paid little attention.  But, this summer was different.


Mom was gone more often.  As a matter of fact, it became her summer job.  Every morning she woke up and headed off to sit with the sick.  And, every afternoon she would come home with a haggard look that told us she was both exhausted and worried.

Remember, I was young and selfish.  


I convinced myself over the years that he was faking sickness just to have people wait on him hand and foot.  Thus, being wrapped up in myself, I could not see the end was near.  All I could see was that my mom was tired and upset, and I wanted it to stop.

So, one day I gave my mom a piece of my mind that I could not afford to lose.  I finished and step back like a victorious lawyer who had presented an impenetrable case.  But, mom exploded my case with one simple thought.  “Shane,” she said, “youpapaw will not be with us much longer.  When he is gone, I am going to look back with no regrets, because I did my best.”  With that, I shut my mouth and kept it shut as she helped care for him until he died.

But, her words never left me.  The way to lead a life of no regrets is to do everything you possibly can now.

I think of this often as I raise my kids.  Am I doing my best?  One area where the answer is a resounding “yes” is our choice of schooling for our kids.  Sure, giving them a private, Christian education has often meant sacrifice.  There are trips we did not take and things we did not buy.  But, what we have been able to give them this far has been more valuable than all those things combined.  


We have given them something we wished someone had given us—an excellent education in a wonderful environment.  We have done something that will open doors for them in the future that we otherwise never could.  Sure, there are more things I wish I could have done, but in this one area, giving them the best education possible, I will look back as they cross the stage at graduation and say to them what my mom said to me, “I am looking back with no regrets.”

At Christ’s Legacy Academy, we want to help you give your kids what you wish you had.  We want to partner with you to raise successful children, and we would love for you to join us on this journey.

So, call and schedule your free educational consultation today, and begin your journey of parenting without regrets!


– Dr. Shane Arnold, Head of School