We Aren’t In Kansas Anymore

When truth has been abandoned and morality is always changing, a certain culture is created.  Inevitably, it proves to be a culture of chaos and fear.


In early October 2019, I stared dumbfounded at my T.V. screen.  As I watched an edition of on NBC nightly news, they highlighted a new classroom management technique called the room clear method.  The “room clear” technique is a method that is evidently widely embraced across our country.  It is a strategy where teachers are instructed to simply clear the room when a student has an angry fit.  As they described the method, pictures of ransacked room, smashed computers, and ripped clothes laid strewn across a destroyed classroom, the victim of one child’s tantrum.


One teacher painfully described her experience.  She said she had things torn off the wall and throw at her.  She had been punched, kicked, and stabbed with a pencil.  Instantly, I wondered how old these kids were, and I did not have long to wait for the answer.  They were a collection of 7 and 8-year-old students.


Now I ask you: how is someone supposed to learn in such a context?  How can you focus when at any moment you may be told to clear they room so the room can be destroyed?  The obvious answer is not very well, because as we all know, students cannot learn in an environment of chaos, fear, and unpredictability.  They certainly cannot flourish.  They may survive but they will not thrive.


That is why we at CLA are We dedicated to providing an orderly, safe environment where kids learn, grow, and discover who they are in Christ.  We seek to create an environment led by teachers who believe in them and in whom they can believe.  We do this with the firm conviction that this is the kind of environment best conducive to human flourishing.


– Dr. Shane Arnold, Head of School