Two Simple Words Can Change Someone’s Day

This semester I am back in the classroom.  I love teaching, because I love to be on the front lines.  As I often say, “We win or lose in the classroom.”


Teaching is hard work.  There are lesson plans to write.  Lectures to create.  Activities to find.  Tests to grade.  Emails to send.  And then, tomorrow we do it again.


Like any job, some days are better than others.  There are days when you are on your game.  Work comes easy.  The students are engaged and eager.  Class ends, and you know something wonderful has just happened.  


And, then there are days when you stumble over your words – students are out of it and unwilling to talk.  Class ends, and you wonder if anything worthwhile happened.


I had one of those days recently.  


I watched as students meandered out the door after the class ended.  I breathed a silent prayer, “Lord, please do something in their lives in spite of their teacher.”  The students had almost all gone, but one student lingered.  She looked at me with serious eyes and said two words that changed my day—thank you.


What a gift!  What an honor to teach students who are so grateful for the opportunity they have that they are willing to take the time to say thank you.


It is amazing how those two simple words have the power to change your day.  They lift your spirits and encourage you on.  Those simple words are used by God to let you know all the study, writing, prayer, grading, and emails all matter, and they are all worth it.


So, take some time out of your day to help someone have a better, brighter day.   Use these two powerful words and be God’s instrument for someone’s encouragement.


– Dr. Shane Arnold, Head of School