Endless Giving

As the years progress, our view of education is constantly changing. What was once considered a unique opportunity is now a right all Americans take for granted. On average, students will spend around sixteen years of their life in the classroom. Each day, their teachers will design lessons containing some of the most crucial tools for life. Will they make an impact?


Being a student at Christ’s Legacy Academy has been one of the most fruitful experiences of my life. The education I have received has prepared me not only for college but for the real world. I have been taught to analyze challenging literary texts, how to solve for standard deviation, and how to defend some of the most critical topics of today’s society. However, none of these remotely compare to the truth I gained from simply observing my instructors.


The most important lesson I have learned from my teachers can be expressed by one word: sacrifice. Sacrifice, by definition, is the act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy. Daily, my teachers surrender their time, money, and talents to invest in ME. They are committed to shaping a future generation of leaders. Leaders who will look at the world from a different perspective. Leaders who will seize any opportunity to engage in the culture around them. Leaders who will stand firm in what they believe.


It is a great joy to participate in a classroom where the teacher has my best interests at heart. They choose to make MY education a priority. Through their continual devotion, I have realized that sacrifice is everything. Putting the interests of others before your own is what life is all about. Seeing others as worthy of your time and effort is one of the best witnesses an individual can have in this generation.


To say that I am inspired is an understatement. The legacy being fashioned right in front of me for the last eight years is remarkable. Learning is no longer being viewed as a chore. Instead, it is evolving into an exhilarating journey for students of all grades. The classroom is becoming a place where lives are transformed.


But how will I leave my mark? How will I affect the next generation? Sacrifice. This is the answer. Seeing my teachers make this choice every day has given me a desire to do the same. As a result of their commitment, I have chosen to put others first. I have chosen to focus my talents on the next generation. My future is for their future. The years I spend advancing my education will not be for personal gain. My degree is simply an avenue through which I can reach lives for Christ. I long to paint a path for students to find their own passions and reach their full potential. My hope is that every stroke they make on their canvas will depict a life filled with the colors of sacrifice. A life that gives endlessly, expecting nothing in return.


– Haley Key, CLA Senior