Seeing How Wonderful They Really Are (From God’s Perspective)

In his wonderful book on marketing, Donald Miller tells the story of a series of short films produced by Dove soap company. He writes:

“In 2013, the soap company Dove released a series of short films featuring women who were the subjects of a series of portraits created by an FBI-trained forensic artist. Without actually seeing the women, the artist would draw each woman based on how she described herself. Later, the artist would draw the same woman based on how a stranger described her. The reveal was shocking. The sketches drawn from the stranger’s description were always more beautiful than the ones in which the woman described themselves. The point: many woman don’t realize how beautiful they are (Miller, StoryBrand, 125-126).”

When I read this, I could not help but to think this is part of what a great education does; namely, help a person see the beauty and gifts God has put in each student. More specifically, a great education, in part, helps kids see themselves the way Christ sees them.  And when they learn to live out of that fullness, they are free to be the best they can be.

The fact of the matter is for too many kids don’t realize how gifted and full of potential they are, and it’s our job to help them see.