What are You Passing On?

How many of you have played the “pass it on” game?  It is a game where people sit in a circle.  One person will then whisper something to another person.  That person will then pass it on to the person beside them.  On and on it goes until everyone is included.  The last person and the first person then compare sayings.

If you have played the game you know what happens next.  Every time, it seems, is that the story at the end of the circle is not the story at the beginning of the circle.  As a matter of fact, there are times when the two are so different they do not even relate.

What this exercise is supposed to show us is that how easy it is pervert the message when we pass it on.  One slight adjustment in one place in the circle can have huge implications by the time you make it to the end.  So, at the end of the game you go around asking the question: what is it that you passed on?

Now that is a powerful question.  What are you passing on?  You see we are all passing something on until we travel on.  We all impact and influence other people in ways we are not even aware of.  Our words and expressions, our good moods and bad, our passions and quirks are all things that come from us to others in a way that impacts them.

As believers we must ask ourselves, “Are we passing on what is most important?”  Are we communicating hope?  Or do we have other priorities?

Some researchers suggest that “between 70 to 88 percent of Christian teens are leaving the church by their second year in college.”  Christian pastor and author Voddie Baucham points out that this translates into an almost 90% failure rate when it comes to passing on the faith to our family.  He perceptively asks what the reaction would be if 70 to 88 percent of our kids left high school unable to read (Family Driven Faith, 10-11).  This just might show our priorities.  We will not tolerate a failure in academics because that is useful.  It “supposedly” ensures a good future.  But God evidently does not.  What are we passing on?  What are you passing on in the use of your time?  What are you passing on with your words?  What are you communicating with your passions?

In an age of distraction, it is imperative we pass one a Christ-centered vision of the world.  This alone sets the stage for human flourishing.  God has given us something to say.  Let’s make sure we say it, and say it with conviction to produce hope