God Stories: It is ALL Worth It

A small revival erupted in our fourth and fifth grade the other day.  I was sitting in my office feeling the blinding pain of a recent kidney stone attack when my phone dinged.  One of our teachers, Karen Hall, was having a fit.  One of our students wanted to receive salvation.  So, I went to find him, and before we knew it, he was on the phone with his dad asking Jesus for mercy.


The next day I was at home.  This time, I was lying on the floor in blinding pain from a kidney stone attack.  Another student wanted to be saved.  This time I could not get to them.  So, I contacted our trusty Mr. Park who led the young man to the Lord.


Later that day, two more students asked to talk to Mr. Park, and they too asked Christ for forgiveness and mercy.


We wondered, “What in the world is going on?”  But we did not take time to ponder the question.  We were simply to happy to try to explain.


A few days later, one of the new Christian’s dad pulled into our parking lot.  I walked over and expressed my joy to hear what had happened.  He looked at me and said what we had all been trying to find the words to say.  He exclaimed:


“That made it worth everything.  Every tuition dollar we paid.  Every issue we have had to face.  It has all been worth it.  To see my son come to know Christ, there is nothing better.”


To that we say, “Amen and Amen.”


Sometimes God reminds us He is still in charge.  He is still in the business of saving souls and changing lives.  And by His grace, He lets us be a part so that now and forever we can all say: