Growing up and Launching Out

I’m having such a hard time with them growing up.  It seems like yesterday I had babies in my arms.  Cuddly, warm, and dependent, it seemed like they would be that way forever.  Then they began to crawl then walk and then before I knew it, drive.  They are all teenagers now, all of them standing on the edge of new journeys and new challenges to conquer.  Most likely, these battles will be fought outside my home as they take on life on their own.  They will make huge mistakes and experience great victories.  If they are anything like their dad, I will get smarter as they get older.  While I miss those labor-intensive days of their childhood, I smile.  Sometimes in my weaker moments, I want to go back.  But you can’t go back because God is leading them onward.


What I can do is look at people who are where I was and say to them what I wished someone had said to me.  They grow way too fast, and you are way too busy.  One day you will long for those days when you had to pull them close.  Before long you will have to let them go.  Before they do, celebrate with them, read to them, and stop to be silly with them.  Pick great partners for their education, because they will sometimes listen to their teachers before they listen to you.  So, make sure the teachers are on your team.  Give yourself grace when you fail because that is what God does.  Beating yourself up slows you down and wears you out.  God can and does redeem our mistakes.  Most of all, take time to enjoy them at every stage of life.  Like a powerful summer storm, this too shall come to pass.  They will not be here for long.  Soon they will head out on a wild and wonderful journey, one you have prepared them to take.  Soon you will hear stories of conquest and God’s sustaining grace.  Before you know it, they will bring you grandkids as the cycle starts again.  They will look to you for advice, and you will have it because you have spent years asking God for it.  And one day you will see it has all been worth it!  So, stop what you are doing and play in the floor.  Don’t let a day go by without telling them you love them.