It’s All About Who You Know

I didn’t believe that when I first heard it, but I soon found it is true.  I thought the strength of my resume would get me the job, but I watched as people who somehow knew the boss took the spot.  I have seen friends denied a shot because someone knew someone.  And with every disappointment, there was the familiar refrain:


It’s all about who you know.


So, why fight it?  As a matter of fact, as a school, we have decided to embrace it.


At CLA we spend a significant amount of time working to give our students every advantage we possibly can.  We want them to make connections that will open doors.  We do this, however, with the clear understanding that one connection takes precedent over them all.  In Daniel 11:32 we are told, “The people who know their God shall stand firm and take action.”


We want our kids to stand firm in the midst of opposition.  When want them to take godly and decisive action in an age of pagan indecision.  They key to accomplishing both takes on a familiar refrain—it’s all about who you know.


So, we take time in every hour of every day to show them God because we are convinced that knowing him is what really matters, for He is the Who you should know.