Worth It Giving Campaign: How Are You Helping?

Oftentimes, when asked to give to an organization, people rightly want to know, if they give, where will the money go?  As we move through this season of giving, which we have called our Worth It campaign, we feel it is important for you to know where your donated dollars will go.  This year we have three strategic priorities.  They are:


First, our staff was not given any raises this year because we knew we needed to take a conservative approach to the year.  Thankfully, our numbers held, but with added precautions needed for the health and safety of our staff and students, each staff member is doing more work for no more pay.  We need to make this right.  Therefore, we would like to bless our staff with a significant Christmas bonus to help make up some of the difference.


Second, we believe the economic ripple of last spring’s shut down has not fully hit us yet.  So, we must make financial preparations to build a bridge for families in need to remain in our school.


Third, we must take steps to move our program forward.  In academics, that means increased use of technology.  We would like to add to and upgrade our current technology to better prepare our students for life after CLA.  In athletics, it means we need to secure a facility to have practice and home games for our student-athletes, expand our sports offerings to include more people, and acquire uniforms and equipment as we move forward.  Additionally, we want to earnestly begin a fine arts program.  We have so many talented singers, dancers, actors, artists, and creators.  We must give them a way to hone these gifts and shine a light for Christ in this vital area.


Thank you for considering this call.  We are grateful to God for you.  If you would like to give, you may send your tax-deductible contribution to Christ’s Legacy Academy, 625 South Matlock Av., Athens, TN 37303