His Movement; Our Moment

I want to challenge my students.  I want them to be dangerous to darkness, dangerous to God-haters, deadly dangerous to pagan morality.


So, I challenge them any way I can.


One way I challenge them is by assigning great sermons for them to see and respond to.  The first was entitled, “Becoming a Person who Changes the World” by James Emery White.  Every time I hear it, I am ready to charge the gates of hell with a water gun!!!


During one part of the sermon, he teaches about the distinction between two Greek words for time, chronos and kairos.  Chronos, the word from which we get our word chronology, speaks of time in terms of calendars.  It refers more to time in terms of periods.  Kyrios, however, points to a specific moment in time, a moment in time that is pregnant with potential.


So, when Jesus weeps over Jerusalem, he laments, “if you had only known the time that has come upon you.”  The word is kairos.  If you knew this moment before you, you would respond differently.


To illustrate the point, White asks the listener to imagine time as a large rope stretched from one end of the world to another.  Then, he asks the hearer to picture themselves with a marker.  You take that marker and make a dot on the rope.  That dot in the rope is that kairos moment of time we are now in.  This kairos moment of time is the moment of time God has given us to make a difference.


As he said those words, I was transported back to my favorite seat in the worship center at Fellowship Middlebook.  I was there one Sunday when the church kicked off what was called the Surge Initiative.  The Surge Initiative is a capital campaign designed to expand the church’s ability to reach and shape the next generation.


As the pastor, Rick Dunn, gave a stirring address, he looked intently at the congregation and said some words I will never forget.  He said, “Church, know this.  This is God’s movement, but it is our moment.”


Those words stay lodged in my heart whenever I think about CLA.  At CLA, we are part of a moment within Christian education that is flourishing worldwide.  Classical Christian education is exploding in a way that can only be called a work of God.


We are a part of that work.  Whatever happens at CLA, we know we are a part of God’s movement.  But, we can also be assured that this is our moment.  It is our moment to make a difference.  It is our moment to move the movement forward.  It is our moment to take students deeper and send them wider.  It is our moment to think global and act local.


It is our moment to make a difference.  It is our moment to impact the next generation for His glory.


Whatever happens, we must remember we are part of a huge gospel movement in which it is our moment to make a gospel impact.


May God grant us grace to make the most of it!


Would you consider joining us?  Would you like to join this God’s movement during this moment?  Contact us today for your free educational consultation.