Our “Worth It” Giving Campaign: Dangerous Questions

We had worked hard, and God had blessed the work or our hands.  The school was growing, and while we felt the growing pains, it was happy work.  It was a great time to be a board member.


Then it happened.


Our Head of School believed it was time to move to a different role.  He was—and is—fantastic.  Under his capable leadership, the school soared to new heights, and we all enjoyed the ride.  Now, however, it was time for him to take a new role.


Honestly, I felt sorry for the poor soul who had to follow his leadership.


Then it happened.


The board asked me to consider it.  I had been asked before, but this time was different.  There was a small stirring in my heart, a still small voice I could not tune out.  So, I stepped off of the board to consider it.


I spent time in prayer, and the voice would not be silenced.  I talked to trusted friends who told me not to do it.  Perhaps it is better to say, they begged me not to do it.  And yet the voice was still there, calling me forward.  Finally, with no qualifications but the Lord’s call I accepted, and I embarked on the greatest U-turn of my life.


My life has never been the same.  There has been pain, frustration, disappointment, confusion, and stinging losses.  I have felt the sting of it all.  Yet, the pain pales in comparison to the joy I have tasted.  There is the joy of watching rambunctious kids become righteous young people.  There is the joy of watching gifts develop and hearts deepen.  There is the pure joy of working with a staff of friends who never cease to amaze me with their dedication to the cause and joy in the pursuit of it.  There is the joy of working with parent partners who trust us with what matters most to them.  There is the great joy of working with those who invest in this ministry.  I could go on and on because the joy goes on and on.


And it all started with a question.  Will you join us?  The question was an invitation, an invitation to be a part of something bigger than myself, an invitation to stretch myself, an invitation to step right into the middle of something God is doing in our midst.


It was a simple question, but it was a dangerous one.  I know it, and I feel it when I ask you the same question.  Will you join us?  Will you help us?


This year’s “Worth It” giving campaign is an invitation to join God at work.  It is an invitation to be a part of something bigger than yourself.  It is an invitation to take a step and watch God bless it.


So, with great fear and trembling, I ask: Will you join us?


Thank you for considering this call.  We are grateful to God for you.  If you would like to give, you may send your tax-deductible contribution to Christ’s Legacy Academy, 625 South Matlock Av., Athens, TN 37303