Declare Your Priorities

COVID 19 has made every school declare their priorities.  Our priority is to provide the highest quality Christian, classical education through an in-person format.

That is what we aim to do.  But why are we committed to this?  What are our big-picture goals?

We wanted to prepare a generation of Christian leaders who are ready for whatever life throws at them.  We want leaders who have the resourcefulness, the ability to innovate, and the determination it takes to thrive when others are merely trying to service.  And we believe we have the method to make it happen.  The classical method cuts with the grain to help the child maximize their potential.  We employ this method with Christ at the center, the unifying theme of all.  For he is the only center strong enough to hold through the fiercest storm.


So, with that in mind, we have three main goals for our graduates.  We seek to graduate Kingdom builders who:

  1. Think dynamically. We want our graduates to have a find-a-way mentality.  This means they have to think deeply and broadly, looking for innovated ways to solve problems, which will make them industry leaders.  We want our graduates to see all of life under Christ.  We arm them with the tools for learning along with the love of learning that makes them resourceful people who thrive in a crisis.
  2. Love faithfully. We equip students with the relational skills to make them a wonderful team player.  They will understand that a passionate love for God translates to a practical love for people.  Hence, we want to cultivate a heart of service that translates into godly servant leadership for the good of others.
  3. Communicate powerfully. Ideas are only as powerful as one’s ability to express them.  In a recent Chapman University study, the fear of public speaking ranked number 1 on America’s list of phobias ahead of heights, bugs snakes and other animals, and drowning.  (Get that: many people would rather drown than speak in public).  Thus, if you can conquer that fear, you are already ahead of the game, and we seek to help graduates be ahead of the game.

When I am asked to support a cause, I want to know the heart of the cause.  At CLA, this is our heart.  These are our goals.  This is our vision of a flourishing human.

May God bless our efforts!!!!