A Broken Heart that Reflects the Broken Heart of God: Moral Formation in Action

I heard a preacher say it once, and it has never left my mind.  He said, “There should be a part of our heart that is broken, broken in a way that reflects the broken heart of God.”  What he was talking about was the formation of a godly conscience.


I could not help thinking about that when I walked in a class to talk to our seniors.  They were visibly shaken.  One was in tears as others stared off with pained looks.


After a little investigation, I found that they had just spent some time in class reviewing some videos taken of members of Planned Parenthood discussing their main business—the dismemberment of pre-born lives.  These students were challenged to evaluate what they say from a Christian standpoint.  The sheer brutality of what happened to those pre-born human beings left them broken and speechless, which is no small task for some of these folks.


They spoke with pain and utter disbelief, broken-hearted over the injustice that had occurred.  It was as if doing something like that was unthinkable to them.  For a moment, I saw a room of broken hearts that reflected the broken heart of God.


And then another quote came to mind.


This one came from a preacher who argued for steady sustained effort in the battle for life.  He said, “You know there was a time when slavery was a reality in our country.  Now it is unthinkable that we would go back to those days.  Praise God for that.  Now, he said, I dream of a day when abortion is just as unthinkable.”


It can happen when the conscience is formed in such a way that people have a broken heart that reflects the broken heart of God.  And on a small scale we are seeing this in action.


Education, after all, is about more that storing the mind with facts.  Education is human formation.  Every student in every school is having their heart, mind, and conscious shaped by the teachers, the curriculum, and the culture of their school.


That is why I praise God for CLA, and I pray that we will have such hearts that shape our students’ lives until they have a moral conscience that includes a broken heart for the things that breaks the heart of God.