O My Goodness, I Can Read

Kim helped out in Kindergarten some time ago.  Whenever she does that, she comes home with stories.  Some are funny.  Some are sweet.  All are memorable.


One particular story moved me and made me glad I do what I do.


Kim talked about helping some of the students sound out words.  (For me it is painful to hear, but our teachers love it).  She told us how hard they worked.  When they finally put the sounds together, there was that magic moment when the sounds became a word.  When that happened, she said, a look of total surprise came over their face followed by a gigantic smile.  With a mixture of astonishment and pride, they would look at her and say, “O my goodness, I can read!  I am reading!  I am a reader!”


It is a priceless moment when the love of learning explodes in the heart of a child, creating that priceless smile.  Too often teachers and leaders forget that cultivating a love of learning is the point.  Far too often that high calling is replaced by calculating a test score.  If we give them the tools to learn combined with the love of the pursuit, they will go places we have never gone and do things we never dreamed.  And it all starts with the simple words,


“O my goodness, I can read!!!!”