A Great Teacher is a Guide to Glory

I recently heard a man talk about hiking with his brother.


He said they would often hike to the foothills of a mountain and enjoy the view, which was often breathtaking.  Sometimes they considered going higher, but more often than not, they settled for the foothills.


Then one day they hired a guide, and the first thing he told them was, “Don’t fall in love with the foothills,” as he pushed them higher and higher toward the top.


After some time and quite a bit of effort, they reached a summit.  “Our quads were throbbing,” he said.  “Our lungs felt like they might explode.”  But when they saw the view, the pain became a memory.


He just thought he had seen glory in the foothills.  Yet, when they went further up, they could see further out, and his mind and heart exploded as he saw a new dimension of the glory of God in creation.


He then said, “A great teacher is like that guide.”  Such a teacher never lets students fall in love with the foothills because they know there is more glory to see.  So, they push until their mental quads are throbbing, knowing there is more of God and His world to grasp.  There are more opportunities to stand in awe.  There are more times to be moved to worship.


I could not agree more.  A great teacher is like a great guide, leading students further up and further in until hearts explode and minds expand.  Their vision becomes broader and their impact wider.  This happens because there is always more glory to see, especially if we are willing to go past the foothills.