Classical Education Resources

The following media resources are provided to assist in understanding various aspects of classical, Christ-centered education.

The Lost Tools of Learning by Dorothy Sayers

The Lost Tools of Learning

Dorothy Sayers (1893 – 1957) was a renowned British author and translator. She was a student of classical and modern languages and is best known for her mysteries, a series of novels and short stories set between World War I and World War II.


The Value of Classical Education by Douglas Wilson

The Value of Classical Education

Douglas Wilson, a popular speaker and author, helped to found Logos School in Moscow, Idaho.  A fellow of Philosophy and Classical Languages at New St. Andrews College, he has an M.A. in philosophy and a B. A. in classical studies.  He is currently the pastor of Christ Church in Moscow Idaho.


Classical Christian Education – The Imperative by Chuck Colson

Classical Christian Education -The Imperative

Chuck Colson was the chief counsel for President Richard Nixon from 1969 to 1973. His later life has been spent working with his nonprofit organization devoted to prison ministry called Prison Fellowship. Colson is also a public speaker and author. Colson is also the chairman of the Wilberforce Forum, a Christian political and social think tank and action group active in the promotion of creationism in education and in biotechnology and bioethics issues.  He is founder of Prision Fellowship, the largest outreach ministry to prisoners in the U.S.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if our family can’t afford the entire cost of tuition? Are there scholarships available?

Since it began in 2009, Christ’s Legacy Academy has not turned away a family due to their not being able to afford the entire tuition. If you have financial questions, please set up a time to talk with the Head of School. Certain grants and discounts may be applicable to your situation.

Do we need to attend any particular church to be accepted into CLA?

CLA is a non-denominational Christian school. That means we are delighted to have over fifteen area churches represented among our student body. Our staff and board members also come from a number of different strong evangelical churches. We operate under our historical and common Statement of Faith.

Do our children need to attend every class? Do you have part-time programs?

At this time, all students attend a full school day.

What version of the Bible do you teach from?

We utilize the English Standard Version of the Bible for all classes. Of course, students are allowed to bring any translation of the Bible to school for private reading and/or to fulfill the Scripture reading schedule we have the students follow.

How do you deal with new upper elementary or older students who haven’t had any Latin?

The teaching of Latin is done in grades K-6th.  Latin Grammar and Translation is taught in grades 3rd-6th.  New students entering grades 3rd-6th will be placed in the appropriate Latin Grammar class.

How can parents be involved in the school?

We take parental authority and, therefore, parental involvement very seriously. Depending on your background, you might be surprised how ‘open’ CLA is to have you come and be part of the school’s daily routine. From helping with reading groups or helping grade elementary papers, to recess supervision, to chaperoning field trips, to even teaching an elective class at the older levels, or manning office telephones. There are numerous practical ways to be in your child’s school.

Is CLA accredited by the state?

No. CLA believes the State (political governing authority) was never given the role of educating children. In God’s Word, He clearly assigns that task to parents (Deut. 6, Eph. 6). Therefore, as a school we answer to the collective and individual parental authority, as outlined in our policies. We also believe that accountability to an ‘outside’ agency is wise (not wanting to measure ourselves by ourselves). Therefore, we are accredited with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)  and have been since the 2014-2015 school year.

Does being accredited affect a child’s entrance into college?

Very typically 95-100% of graduating seniors from classical schools go on to attend college. (The fact that CLA is not ‘accredited’ by the state of Tennessee will not be a hindrance to our graduates entering a higher education institution).  Most colleges and universities look to ACT and SAT scores for college entrance.  Classical schools tend to average around a 27 on the ACT for graduating seniors.  The average ACT scores for the State of Tennessee government schools is less than 20.

What athletics does CLA offer, if any?

Currently, CLA offers competitive archery and basketball for boys and girls.  In the near future we hope to add competitive volleyball and other sports.

Does CLA have a full high school?

Yes!  We added a 12th grade class for the 2014-15 school year.  Our first graduating class was in the 2014-2015 school year.

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